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Talent Should Never

*Fall Prey to Drugs by Force ...as means of control, to attain unrequited sex, or as a weapon of choice

*Fall Prey to Assault, Unwanted Sex, to attain roles/jobs .....by cast, crew, bystanders, fans

*Fall Prey to Human Traffickers on/off set 

*Require Intervention or Recovery due to Addiction as Result of a role, job, control, or forced use of drugs/alcohol.

Talent Should Expect

*Safe, Clean Working environments

*Well lit environments

*Pressure Free Nudity for Art Sake Only

*Drug Free working environment


*Supportive cast mates


About Us

Awareness Mission, Inc., Empowering Voices

Awareness Mission, Inc., will serve to empower voices of victims within the entertainment industry to speak out, while empowering voices of talent to speak up within the entertainment industry both on set and off; to support a cultural change.

Awareness Mission Inc., will empower the entertainment community and general public by offering public services awareness.

Issues for PSAs include drugs by force (such as in assault), drugs by choice (physician referral to unqualified providers, failure for planning prevention/treatment, or interventionists profiting by providing drugs), human sex trafficking, rape or sexual assault) and personal safety on/off set.

Our goal is to accomplish prevention efforts through producing PSAs by providing mitigation. To support talent subjected to PREDATORS.

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Awareness Mission: Empowering Voices

Awareness Mission, Inc., will serve to empower voices of victims within the entertainment industry.

Awareness Mission, Inc., will initially provide public service announcements, advertising, training, awareness program training videos, and small films.


Awareness Mission: Serves

Awareness Mission, Inc., serves new talent, in the pursuit of safe working environments to address prevention to reduce risks within the entertainment industry as necessary (personal safety on/off set, prehire, and continual prevention programs) while following dreams.

Awareness Mission, Inc., serves members of the entertainment industry from (extras to producers, directors, studios, agencies, managers, guilds and unions, musicians, and crew) to envelop the need of awareness, prevention, and aid to offer a voice of victims without retaliation, and voices of talent in support of this endeavor. .

Awareness Mission, Inc., will serve the entertainment community and general public by public awareness programs to assure police investigations into deaths (regardless cause), drugs as weapons, drugs as control, and drugs as a weapon to silence these voices.

Empower Your Voice: Stand with US(A)

Even a small voice fills the world with change....make your powerful voices support changing the culture of sex, drugs, and violence in entertainment; make it about the art, and all the thespians, musicians, and crews.

Empower Your Voice: Cautiously

Public Service Announcements

1-888-373-7888 (safe, but difficult to reach)

Department of Homeland Security

Reporting drugs as weapons anyone talent, agents, Crew, Directors, Producers, any and all can/should report.

When reporting provide details, and try more than one federal agency - it is necessary to find people that support search/rescue/recovery-removal not as LA FBI Coit suggests "this is a movie plot" we "will not investigate"

CAUTION reporting may not get heard


While this is an option make sure there is followup; in Los Angeles 2010-12 Voices Spoke Out, but LAPD refuses to search or assist as victims are often to blame. LA Justice Supervisor Nancy (Qwells' staff) states "we do not investigate deaths where drugs are on scene". LA DDA Passow states "your daughter deserved what happened to her", due to "her career choice", entertaining the world (actor).

CAUTION; Not All Drug Use of by Choice (Families Beware)

If a member of cast, crew, set appears under the influence offer assistance; do not stand by idly. Often, perpetrators use Drugs as Means of Control and/or weapons of Choice. Report Drug Crimes to 888-373-7388

If in immediate danger CALL 911

Provide details to assure officers arrive on scene. You can call Fire Departments for WELL CHECKS when police refuse.

Blue Campaign

1-866-347-2423 Federal Reporting



Families, and Friends Seeking Advice

In a mothers' search for her daughter there were few agencies that receive the missing persons report; however, none did respond until months of captivity, and torture (yes, pure torture bites, strangulation, burns, cuts, drug by hair, forced drugs for control, and worse).

There are many agencies such as Polaris taking in millions; what Polaris offers is an internet search for local agencies one can easily find. There is no referral for victims, no medical care providers, no search/rescue, no recover programs only an internet search. Beware

CAUTION: Rehabs May have Revolving Doors, NO Licensed Staff, Provide Illegal Drugs

As parents we now know a lot more; sadly this is too late for many. Drug use is not always by choice, often as means to attain services by predators. By choice or force, addiction results leading to rehabs. Many rehab/interventions in the US are unregulated, sadly more having credentials are negligent in care (we lost focus on healthcare), and allow relapse, sober companions using/providing drugs per depositions. Often moving victims to motels, porn sites, and other risky locations. Rehabs and Interventionists must have license, credentials, DEA certification if providing drugs, insurance, licensed physicians on staff (not roaming), and focus on safety, and security while addressing underlying causes. A rehab/interventionist requires family presence; if told to stay away find out why. Many interventionists tell their clients "your family is the cause" BEWARE!

CAUTION: Referrals by Trusted Professionals

While physicians must maintain state licensure it is not always clear what "detox" and "addiction specialists" are required; if doctors are not a members of the American Psychiatric Association with credentialing from the Drug Enforcement Agency for prescribing specific to individual patient needs it is best to gain referrals by insurance provider, or primary care.

A physician that offers no therapy yet prescribes drugs and a sober companion is NOT what a person suffering addiction needs, if they are not treating underlying cause (choice or force) the care is detrimental.

Psychiatrists cannot refer to unqualified providers such as extreme interventionists...If intervention is necessary go through a facility with joint commission credentials, licensed, insured and assure interventionist is not a felon prior to hire.

CAUTION: License and Credentials

After finding my daughter alive; although brutally tortured, raped, and drugged...Dr. Phil offers assistance (calling her names, degrading her, acting against Police and Secret Service) while also offering her "drugs" (claiming "The Doctors" will give them to her without seeing my daughter, or knowing the entire circumstance only Dr. Phils' theory "drugs make prostitutes, not victims", and "drugs are 100% by choice"). In the course of seeking answers (another victim) we find interventionists giving drugs "to wean clients off" .... without licensed medical evaluations or assessments (M.D.s actually wrote prescriptions knowing intervention using heroin to "wean").

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