If Talent Fades The stage dims...





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If talent fades, the stage dims ... we lose culture.

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Awareness Mission is supporting programs to ensure the "show goes on", using panel discussions with agents, FBI, police, and talent to discuss trends, risks, and means to empower victims to report.  These discussions are taking place at local studios and via PSAs.  Please support our mission.


If talent fades, the stage dims ... we lose culture.

Attend a program near you!

Awareness Mission is supporting programs to ensure the "show goes on", using panel discussions with agents, FBI, police, and talent to discuss trends, risks, and means to empower victims to report.  These discussions are taking place at local studios and via PSAs.  Please support our mission.

The Legacy of Satara Silver
(AKA Satara Stratton)


“Vibrant, brilliant, and incredibly talented, Satara Silver was a wonder to behold when I first met her at Brad Paulson's L.A. abode.

Her performance in Insignificant Celluloid demands your undivided attention at all times. But, a candle that burns twice as bright also burns twice as fast.

Satara died on February 4, 2017.

She died a victim. Not one from the boulevard of broken dreams. Just another statistic in part of the third largest criminal enterprise in the world just behind drugs. A $30 billion dollar a year industry. An industry that performs most of its business in the United States. A business that crooked cops help operate. And like prohibition, this heinous crime will only get worse if the powers that be continue punishing the victims instead of the ring leaders.

Satara was a victim of human trafficking; slavery. Something that unilaterally is devoid of partisan walls. We pretty much all agree that slavery is wrong. Yet, as of this year, there are far more slaves residing in the United States than there ever were in the antebellum south.

Most of the people who fund the victim's handlers have no idea that they are directly funding forced starvation, brutal beatings, bodily mutilation, and psychological torture that's worse than death. They just think that they are helping out a person down on their luck while receiving something for their money.

In remembrance of Satara, I'm going to watch her in Insignificant Celluloid today. This will be my first viewing of it since we were touring film festivals with it. Though the time that Satara and I were able to share together creating comedy was tragically brief, I'll always have our memories from making the film. And I can always revisit the magic we captured through the movie that we made together.

This is one of the most wonderful things about motion pictures and why I love doing them. Memories are all that we are left with when experiences end. And motion pictures capture time in a bottle.

Editor's note: Insignificant Celluloid (for some reason) does not appear in searches by title on the fireTV stick. In order to access it, typing in any cast or crew member will cause it to appear.”

POWER: Predators


An individual, often using his "trade" to attain power over victims using sex, drugs and/or weapons as means to enhance his power. TALENT:  If an agent, casting director, director, producer makes an offer then rescinds this due to failure to accept "assault", "drugs", or refusal to audition in a risky location; report them!!!!  Talent will stand alongside you to assure this culture of predation, reverses.

Predators can use sex, drugs, psychological and physical tactics, but can hold roles/jobs that quickly cause mental and physical harm regardless their action towards the talent; often assuring no reporting occurs.  Authorities often give predators the right to not incriminate themselves, and pressure the victim Through victim blaming reducing charges, arrests, or prosecution.

Sex as a Weapon: Not a choice

Sex is a control operation for them. They ordain the time and place of the encounter. Seeking a conquest is the overriding aspect (Psychology Today, 2017).

In cases of drug-facilitated sexual assault, survivors often blame themselves (National Sexual Assault Hotline 2019).

Sexual Assault happens to all genders, 

  • "Brendan Fraser explains the reasons he backed away from Hollywood, stating to CQ that he "was sexually assaulted in 2003". He states " the perpetrator was Phil Berk, the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that hosts the Golden Globes".
  • Angelina Jolie states "she was propositioned by Producer Weinstein (jailed) in a hotel room in 1998" (NY Times 2017).
  • "I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified,” she said in an interview, publicly disclosing that she was sexually harassed by the man (hotel room) who ignited her career and later helped her win an Academy Award, says Gwyneth Paltrow of Harvey Weinstein (NY Times 2017).
  • There is an ongoing court case involving an addict seeking "treatment", lured to television producer promises of roles, modeling (did/paid), if joining his treatment program (doctors on payroll); yet instead is given drugs, taken to seven motels, five houses in eight months, and paid as a sober companion while on drugs. (open case no reference)
  • "Actresses and models have sued a Brooklyn agent, saying he pressured them into sex" (Wilson and Ryzik 2020). Talent agents grew from casting couches to motels, hotels, and apartments (not an office, studio, or location with people).
  • A young woman begins with a new agent quickly finding sexual assault, risky locations, stalkers (even with a CA Anti-Stalking law in place; reporting did not prompt police investigation) and drugs (even through reports did not prompt police investigation) as a means to assure she take the roles, and acts accordingly.  Grooming assures she remains even when she wishes to leave, and four attempts on life (did not prompt police investigation).  Death (did not prompt police investigation).
  • Allison Mack's work with NVIXM.....many actors are finding themselves in risky situations as a result of organized "celebrity /agent" set up auditions, films and sales.  The sale of human life is real; and the sale of adults occurs within our United States.

Drugs are Weapons: Not a choice

Drug use among sex trafficked victims and sexual assault victims is common, and is used in a variety of ways in the sex trafficking arena.  Drugs are used to: induce compliance; create dependency; feed a “habit”; punish an unwilling victim; cope with the stress of sex trafficking; lure in a vulnerable and unsuspecting individual; criminalize a victim; and incapacitate a victim. In essence, they are weaponized in the trafficking arena.

Drugs can lead to addiction even if not taken by choice....Drugs are also used to incapacitate the client (US Department of State 2014).

  • 2013 memoir, Reynolds recalled how Freed instructed her to get “vitamin shots” from his doctor. “These were possibly the same ‘vitamins' Debbie Reynolds had just discovered were one of Old Hollywood’s dirty little secrets—that drugs fueled its classic films" (Erin Blakemore, History Channel 2019).
  • Medical Doctors/Psychiatrists are often found providing drugs to celebrities under varying circumstances, but many have motives.  In the case of Amy, licensed doctors would prescribe contraindicated medications without seeing patient in Los Angeles; not medical malpractice per, LA Courts.
  • The same psychiatrist in the above case loses license for prescribing to Whitney Houston without evaluation, contributing to continual drug use.
  • An interventionist often gains referrals by licensed physicians yet has zero training, qualifications, and hires unlicensed staff to provide counseling.  His use of sober companions gave means to secure and keep clients (like a rehabilitation center - revolving doors) assuring no treatment is given but millions in revenue from unsuspecting clients. The offers of roles, referrals to agents, and/or opportunities in entertainment catch the eye of young talent seeking help, along with their treatment.

Awareness Mission - Mitigating Risks

In a world with so much loss, we need to ensure the entertainment industry promotes safety in auditions, on set, off set, via guilds, crews or anyone involved. Members of the entertainment industry need to empower voices to the world as role models for respect, and fostering dreams of hope.

Did your audition require a private setting with alcohol, perhaps known drugs? Did you find a drink left you dizzy, unsure? Have you felt someone stalking you? Did the location bring about chills, sense of unease? Did a casting director or talent agent offer the moon for just a moment alone? Did the movie shoot find you in compromising situations? Are you suddenly desiring drugs never before imagined? Did your stalker find means to befriend you? Are there people in your life that scare you?

****If so, any or all did you speak with the director, producer, cast mates in addition to local authorities?

We are here to listen, educate, share resources, guide and work with talent to reduce and change the risky culture so the thrill of entertainment is not lost.

Awareness Mission sees the failures as a learning tool: talent agents/casting directors must validate audition sites (people present), safe locations (not motel/hotel rooms), ensure no alcohol/drugs, directors must observe for inappropriate behavior, location coordinators must ensure sites are safe (security as necessary), makeup artists/costumers need to observe for signs of abuse, cast members seeing drug use (find out if by choice or by force)....all must refer to guilds, set medics, anyone that can help and sadly this is not always authorities, for many like DDA Passow, DA Lacey, FBI agent Coit believe this "is the entertainment industry", and if you become an addict, or die it is "deserving" as that is "what you chose".

This foundation led by moms that lost children with a wish to entertain the world. Our losses are devastating, the continual abuse by agents in seeking to prevent further injuries/deaths is sad, and we see this is preventable.

Providing the world entertainment is in our culture, we must strive to guarantee our talented children do not fall prey to the predators that exist (in any industry) by speaking out, and giving voice to our lost children.

"Drugs are weaponized against sex-trafficked women" (Ohio State University Press Books Chapter 5).

Awareness Mission, Inc. Empowering Voices

Our Mission: Empowering a Cultural Change

The players fade what do we have but an empty stage; no understudy, no extra just a dim light where once stood truth in the art. Empower voices of victims within the entertainment industry to support a cultural change for talent rights, safety on/off set..


Our Mission: Empowering Voices of Lost Talent

Mothers of Lives Lost Support this Website... a site to guide talent to use their voice to make a new culture to keep the world stage, open. Empowering everyone to assure entertainment is fun, happy, and even if a bleak horror film; safe.

Empowering Voices: Speak Out

Gaining success is not about coercion, duress, or even getting your way; it is about knowing when to step in to aid the vulnerable victims.

A panel to discuss means to address safety that will reduce assault, drugs as control, human sex trafficking and a culture of entertainment not fear.


Empowering Voices: Audition Culture

Empowering Voices to assure this old casting couch (new motels) end as a means to audition. Empowering voices to reduce drugs, and alcohol as control to attain predator desires, rape, coercion, duress, violence, or a means to sell talent for nefarious reasons. Empowering voices of talent to say "no", and seek help without retribution through studio, agent, guild and producer support.

Empowering Voices: Speak Out

Gaining success is not about coercion, duress, or even getting your way; it is about knowing when to step in to aid the vulnerable victims.

A panel to discuss means to address safety that will reduce assault, drugs as control, human sex trafficking, and a culture of entertainment not fear.


It is never too late... We agree with Tom

Reaching bottom, a myth

Death is inevitable, a myth

Once an addict, always an addict (NA)

Addiction requires identifying the underlying cause

Force, whether as a minor or adult, in rape or assault,
in the promise of a role, can still become an addiction, but needs specialized care.


Empowering Voices Within Entertainment: SPEAK UP

TALENT Making a Difference! Sophia Bush

Awareness Mission, Inc.

Talent under force/drugs may become trafficked! End Slavery

Talent making a difference in lives of others is so appreciated....empowering voices of others to speak out, and empowering their own voice to speak up.

In this time we need everyone who sees a person in harms way to speak up, even if it is a director, agent, manager, producer...it is our jobs to assure we live and work in safe settings, and engage each other in what is possible to reduce overprescribing doctors from harming others, stop interventionists from providing drugs (speak out to insurance, and credentialing boards), to help drugs as a weapon of choice of control for rape, trafficking, or assault, and to stop using the arts as a front for other nefarious situations.



Empowered Voices: End Slavery

Gabrielle Union - human sex trafficking
Shailene Woodley - awareness
Nina Shaw - Empower women
Reese Witherspoon - Times' Up
Amber Tamblyn - Sexual Violence
Angelina Jolie - Inhuman Traffic
Adma LaRoche - Free Child Sex Slaves
Ashton Kutcher - Online Sex Trafficking
Demi Moore - Online Sex Trafficking
Ricky Martin - UNICEF (trafficking)
Tom Hiddleston - UNICEF (women)
Kristin Bell - trafficking
David Beckham - UNICEF
Sex Trafficking enslaves, and kills!!!!!

Surviving Sex Trafficking: YouTube

Actress Zawe Ashton has said she is planning to tackle unacceptable on-set behavior, and will “call abuse when it’s abuse”, (Irish News 2019)

Thank you BBC for sharing, and stepping up to show both predatory traffickers and predatory officials (BBC 2019).

Acts of Violence: Reality Put to Film

Acts of Violence is a 2018 action thriller film directed by Brett Donowho and starring Bruce Willis. This film follows the path of human traffickers, as founders of Awareness Mission saw occur in their own children, but also HOW police officials control the actual investigations by their officers.  Thanks LAPD one sole officer that went against power to save lives!

Thank you Lionsgate Movies for sharing, and stepping up to show both predatory traffickers and predatory officials www.lionsgate.com

COVID 19 Mitigate, and Prepare

Empowering Voices: Matter

Real Men

Do not cause harm; or allow harm to occur.



(855) SAG-AFTRA / (855) 724-2387
Women In Film Hotline
          NonMembers reach out to agents, managers, fellow cast/crew!

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